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...Off to the Sea for Adventure

...Off to the Sea for Adventure

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Our good friend from back home, Mark Tinucci, made his long awaited arrival into Georgetown as planned on Christmas day. He hit the ground running as we tried to get him into the cruisers mentality. A tough transition but he made due quite well. Unfortunately, Marks vacation is over as of today. 10 days goes by way too fast. Throughout the entire time aboard YOLO (and other buddy boats), he has been nothing but the best guest! He has more than earned a spot on YOLO's crew for any future adventures. Thanks for everything you've done for us Mark, you're welcome any time!

We spent the next couple days in Georgetown to ensure we were at the Junkanoo festival on the 27th. Quite the parade indeed! Still not entirely sure what Junkanoo is all about but it sure was a good time (reference pictures)! Everyone who was anyone in the Exumas was at this shindig. We couldn't stop running into cruisers we'd met and befriended along our Bahamian adventure. It was great to spend the time with all our new friends all at once.
The staging area for the wild parade!

The start of the parade
Andy and Mark with the legendary TORTILLA FLOTILLA! From right of Andy: Conner and Megan (on the catamaran "Gualaby") Angie and Brian (aboard the catamaran "Stray Cat") and Shannon and Ted (aboard "Salty Dog")
These guys are some of the coolest people we've met on the trip. The three boats are out on an epic adventure together and they are currently off to forbidden lands. Gualaby is actually on the start of their circumnavigation! Good luck guys. we'll be following you!
Shakin it!
spare no detail on these floats!
We found Fred from TIKI! Also in the picture is Ebin and Jenvieve with their 13 month old Arias. Hands down, cutest one year old EVER! It was great to get to know these guys in Georgetown. They have been very hospitable to us!

Me contributing to the delinquency of minors. Geoff and Michelles 12 yo, Miles, from Eclipse (for those of you concerned, this was a joke. I'm not THAT bad an influence.)
Arias having a BLAST at the parade! She kept repeating "wow!" and raising the roof.

Mia and Ensley!

Shannon and Ted showing everyone how to have a good time.
Ensley enjoying the company of YOLO! (perhaps it's the other way around)
The Rake 'n scrape. Talented people with basic insturments... (note the bucket, stick and single string the guy in the green shirt is jamming with)

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