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...Off to the Sea for Adventure

...Off to the Sea for Adventure

Blogs better than ours

These cruising friends also maintain awesome blogs (much better than www.sailyolo.com).  If we haven't updated our blog for awhile check out these ones and you're sure to find us having some ridiculous fun with these wonderful people!

The Hufford family from Wisconsin is in the midst of a several year long voyage.  Together with Geoff, Michelle, and their kids Alec, Jerome, and Miles we have had many good times and explored the beautiful isles of paradise.  Combined with Texas 2 Step and ourselves we make up the Constellation Sensation flotilla (codenames are top secret).  Geoff is also a pilot and financed his dinghy by selling his Piper Cherokee Six.

The Womack family is the other third of the C.S. but they are slow and fell behind, trapped in Georgetown.  Dave, Leslie, and their daughter Michelle are living on their cat "Texas 2 Step" full time and have much more fun than most landlubbing families.  Dave is another pilot who flies helicopters for forest fighting and sky-lifting.

The "Tortilla Flotilla" is an adventurous group of young sailors, which are few and far between.  We met in Georgetown and wished to stay together but their journey is taking them south to Central America and the Panama canal.  One of the couples is planning to circumnavigate the globe on their catamaran "Gualby" using canoes as dinghies and surfing at the best breaks along the way!  Check out all of their excellent  blogs...



Spencer and Kathleen are another cruising couple that has an excellent blog.  Spencer was a pilot in the marines, like so many other cruisers he also takes to the sky.

Marlin is one of our friends from Bayfield.  He lives aboard his 24ft vessel called "Voyageur" and has just departed on a summer voyage around the great lakes.  He is also a great musician and some of his music is available on his blog.

Dillon, Emily, and their little cutie Leeloo are now living abord Leeloominai and just started a blog.  Check it out!