Where is YOLO?

...Off to the Sea for Adventure

...Off to the Sea for Adventure

Friday, November 4, 2011

YOLO 2.0

Hello faithful followers! I am probably writing to myself here as most followers have long since forgotten about the blog. However, if there are some true YOLO readers out there straggling along, here's the latest YOLO update:

Originally the plan was to sail for 6 months and sell the boat to finance the next chapter of our lives. This plan was thwarted by two amazing friends who didn't want to see this beautiful vessel go away. Two of our friends offered to purchase quarter shares of YOLO. With this new influx of money and 2 more ways to split insurance/storage, it was now feasible to keep YOLO for more adventures.

May I introduce to you YOLO's newest crew...

Mark Tinucci is a college buddy of mine as well as Andy. He's in the restaurant business in Newport, MN and is a partner in the family restaurant "Tinucci's". (Go eat at Tinucci's Restaurant in Newport, MN.... shameless plug over) He made time over new years to fly down and catch up with YOLO in the Bahamas. Also, Mark can be credited with the whole idea of fractional ownership of YOLO. It was floating in the water at his cabin where the idea struck him.

Chris Warrington is a fellow Red Wing native and a high school friend of Andy's. He is probably responsible for the whole YOLO idea in the first place. He also owns and captains a 31' Hunter on Lake Pepin. This is certainly where both andy and I got our sea legs. Chris joined the YOLO adventure in February in the Dominican Republic to help aide in our most notorious sail from the DR to Puerto Rico. Because of his expertise, we made it without incident.

In less than 72 hours, Mark and I will be reunited with YOLO which is stored on the hard in Tortola BVI. Mark and I have a laundry list of chores to complete to get YOLO back in ship shape and BRISTOL condition. We are against the clock as Mark only has 8 days with her. Our goal is to have it in the water within the 1st 3 days.

Chris will be joining us on the 14th and Mark will be headed back on the 15th. Lucky for Chris, most of the projects will (hopefully) be done so he can sit back and enjoy some sun and boat drinks.

Stay tuned, another update will come with photos and progress of projects!