Where is YOLO?

...Off to the Sea for Adventure

...Off to the Sea for Adventure

Gifts To Poseidon

This is a list of all items we have lost overboard since owning YOLO. He must be very pleased at this point.

1. Screwdriver
2. Crescent wrench
3. Deckbrush
4. Headlamp
5. Red lens from tri-color casing atop mast
6. Spatula
7. Winch Handle
8. String Cheese
9. Speaker grill
10. Crazy Sherry's shoe from Grafton, IL
11. Emily Peterson's left shoe
12. Deckplate key
13. Speaker grill (second one)
14. Pelican chair leg
15. Lance
16. GoPro + suction holder (our most expensive gift yet!)
17. Amy's breakfast