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...Off to the Sea for Adventure

...Off to the Sea for Adventure

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Back to Georgetown AND beyond...

After dropping our buddy off from the Marina on northern Great Exuma, we set sail back out into Exuma Sound, heading southeast back to Georgetown. Many of our friends were still anchored here and we were glad to see the familiar faces. Now with just the two of us, our boat felt like a mansion again. We set the hook and got a good night's sleep for the upcoming day of heavy preparation towards our departure to islands unknown. We filled our diesel and water tanks, rid ourselves of our trash, collected a boatload of old charts. We ran all over town tracking down last minute items for our departure.

Our friend Eddie, aboard "Miss Emily"was still around so we connected with him. He happens to be a renowned yacht chef for crewed yachts all over the world. So we decided it to be a good idea to bring our catch of yesterday (Andy's fine tuna) to his Coronado 35 for a well prepared feast! We shared a great meal, listened to good music, and swapped tall tales. Thanks again Eddie for the delicious meal!

On the 6th we weighed anchor and set out for Long Island. It was a rather uneventful sail (motorsail really). Who knows where the fish were, we sure didn't. We spent the following day exploring the island. Turns out that Eclipse found a lot more adventure on this island and they told us we missed a bunch of cool stuff, but we were too excited for our next move anyway.

Pretty isn't it? Taken from the highest point on long island looking down at Thompson Bay.
After our brief stay in Long Island we were afforded another good weather window to further our progress southeast. The wind was blowing fresh from the north so we set out eastward in anticipation of the wind clocking back to it's prevailing easterly wind. Once that happened we turned due south straight for Mayaguana. Shortly after our turn south we saw two Humpback whales. They came within 50 yards of YOLO! A 1st wild whale sighting for both of us! All in all it was a nice 40 hour sail from Long Island to Mayaguana.

There's 2 whales here. look closely.

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