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...Off to the Sea for Adventure

...Off to the Sea for Adventure

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A new year full of new adventures

Our return to staniel cay for the pirate party and new years bash with mark was an absolute blast. Such good times with such good people! On new years eve, andy had the chance to be a crew member (aka ballast) on the local Bahamian racing sloops during the annual new years sailing regatta. Although his team lost, he (and everyone involved) had a heck of a time!
Andy crewing aboard Lady Muriel. Traditional Bahamian Class A racing sloop. You can see him 3rd from the end of the "pry" out the starbord side.
There was also a long drive competition as well as a benefit auction that fellow cruisers put on. The regatta committee fed all who were interested a stellar free dinner (including adult beverages!). The turnout was well into the hundreds. It was a great time!

The spread for the cruisers! FREE DINNER!

We spent our new years eve night at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club. The local bahama's news team was there to cover the event. Apparently we chose THE spot to be in the bahamas to ring in the new year. Even had a celeb sighting or two. Of course we only party with the best of crowds.

Some lucky lady on new years eve getting interviewed by the bahamian press.
Dave and Leslie (Texas Two Step), Trina, and Andy ringing in the new year right!

Mark made himself right at home in the (much more capable) galley of Texas Two Step as he prepared the crushed macadamia nut encrusted mahi-mahi filets. Hands down the most deliciously prepared fish I've EVER had, thanks Mark! (note to the readers, crushed walnut yeilds very different results, don't bother).

During the previously mentioned auction, Dave (from Texas Two Step) successfully acquired a wakeboard. Little did he know though that he was actually in a bidding war with his very own daughter, Michelle! I think they ended up spending about $20 more than they needed to. Nonetheless it was a kick to have a chance to wakeboard again! They have a super quick dinghy capable of yankin us out of the water. Thanks guys for towing us around!

Michelle Hauling me around on the wakeboard with her "go-fast" dinghy. Impossible behind our little 3hp dink.

All good things must come to an end, so on the 3rd we made our way back towards Georgetown to get Mark back on his flight home on the 4th. We sailed back to a marina on the north end of great exuma for one night. It was a bit closer to the airport for Mark to get on his way. This marina (Emerald Bay) was the second nicest marina we've ever seen! and cheap too. (Second only to our home at Pikes Bay Marina OF COURSE!) Along the way, Andy caught us a delicious tuna! (details on our consumption to follow).

Andy and his Big Eye Tuna. Not the biggest, but he put up a huge fight!

While spending a relaxing afternoon at the marina we were able to do a metric ton of laundry. They had some sweet machines (and free to boot!). We had some much needed cleaning to do to YOLO so we tidy'ed up our vessel and internetted it up for a while as well. Later that afternoon we set out early to do some spearfishing at a nearby coral reef and came up with a couple of tasty lobsters for dinner.

ROCK LOBSTA! just kidding. Spiney Lobster.

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