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...Off to the Sea for Adventure

...Off to the Sea for Adventure

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Return to Staniel Cay

During our 1st adventure in Staniel Cay on our way down to Georgetown, everyone wouldn't shut up about the legendary "pirate party" on the 29th of December. Knowing we had to be in Georgetown to pick up mark and see the junkanoo, we concocted a plan to return to Staniel with mark so Andy and I could sport these mega-awesome beards for the pirate party. Turns out this place was a stellar new years spot as well. AND... the annual Bahamain sloop regatta was on the 1st. What better place to be?

Our pilgrimage back to the north was made with a pre-dawn departure from Georgetown in tandem with the catamaran our new buddy-boaters "Texas Two Step" (Dave, Leslie, and Michelle). Fishing was on all our minds as we sailed north throughout the day. We were constantly trying to outdo each other. The victors, obviously, were the YOLO crew! Somehow Andy and I have become known as the local fishing experts. I call it luck, but if everyone thinks it's skill... I'll let them think that. One other exciting item of note during our buddy cruise back to staniel... Little Michelle, from "Texas Two Step" (as apposed to "big Michelle" the mom from eclipse), made a daring open ocean transfer to help crew on YOLO for the 2nd half of the passage. Dave maneuvered TTS in close to YOLO as we began to heave to. Michelle, donned in her swimsuit and carrying her clothes in a ziplock bag with her teeth, leaped into the ocean and swam for YOLO. We trailed a rope for her to grab and soon she was safely aboard YOLO. Definitely a 1st for the YOLO expedition!
setting up the risky maneuver. Texas Two Step is close behind closing in for the trade.

My 20lb MONSTER!!!
We arrived at Staniel Cay with plenty of time to spare for the pirate party! Good times were had by all!

Dave and Andy with their best pirate impersonation.

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  1. Some great fish guys, making me jealous. All we've got up here is ice and snow!