Where is YOLO?

...Off to the Sea for Adventure

...Off to the Sea for Adventure

Friday, January 21, 2011

Cockfights, waterfalls, and jammin!

YOLO flying the Dominican flag looking pretty.

Weighing in the cocks

beginning of a cockfight

end of a cockfight

Our excellent group of waterfall canyaneers

we climbed 27 waterfalls and it was awesome!

Jumping back down was even more fun.  Notice lance upside down mid-backflip.

Tarzan swinging on a vine

Miles and Jerome are the youngest entrepreneurs in the harbor.

Celeste making a high jump

Geoff and I 

This is a bridge on the way to the falls.  Our guide Bernie is leading the way.  The guides were great, taught us mucho espanol, and made very realistic bird calls during the trek.

Luperon also has a nice beach and we spent the day trying to surf on waves that were too small.

Conner stood up on a couple small ones

This is a local dominican named junior, he showed us around his town and helped us rent  motorcycles.

Lots of cruisers play instruments and once a week we have a jam session.  Gary and Celeste off "Sol Surfin are great musicians and tonight during the full moon there's another jam sesh! 


  1. still no gps 01/24/11 whats up?

  2. Happy Belated birthday brotha!!!

  3. Hey guys - hello from Sconnie land from the 'old' folks you met on the resort beach at Cofresi. Finally got a chance to check your site and enjoyed every minute of it. Safe sailing and we will keep checking in. Paul & Julie