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...Off to the Sea for Adventure

...Off to the Sea for Adventure

Monday, December 27, 2010

Georgetown has velcro on the beaches

We finally made it to Georgetown in plenty of time to meet up with Mark. We love it here! While in Staniel we again met some more cruisers to continue south with. Two families who had just met also, we joined in with their flotilla of 2. Both families have beautiful catamarans and have been MORE than hospitable to Andy and I. The Hufford family is aboard Eclipse consists of Geoff and Michelle and their 3 sons Alec, Jerome, and Miles from the Milwaukee area. The other is a family from OREGON! The Womak family consists of Dave and Leslie and their daughter Michelle. We've had a great time with these two cruising families! 

After leaving Staniel Cay, we headed south to a protected anchorage for a bonfire the next night on Great Guana Cay and had a great night for viewing the lunar eclipse (aboard eclipse, weird huh?) The night after the eclipse we decided to make a all night passage in the dark under a nearly full moon to Georgetown. On that night sail we all stayed in eyesight of each other and that's where we slayed these pretty fish. It was a good thing we had buddy boats that night because our GPS froze on us while we tried to make the intricate approach into the harbor in the cloak of darkness. Dave turned his catamaran around and guided us in and we found a safe anchorage for the rest of the night. Thanks for bailing us out Dave!

Now in Georgetown, we have been meeting all kinds of people, both old and young. It's a really neat cruising community here in GT. Although we would have loved to be with our families over christmas, this place is an EXTREMELY close second to that. For Christmas dinner we shared the beach with over a hundred other cruisers for a potluck dinner. Andy and I (pretty much just andy) made a chicken curry dish to share. It was a big hit. We had the greatest feast of the whole trip that day. 

After I scarfed down the great food I had to dine and dash to pick up our friend Mark Tinucci from the airport. So I hopped in the dinghy and crossed over to town and hitched a ride to the airport. He's on a well deserved vacation and we're thrilled to have him aboard and we can't wait to start having some cool adventures with him. 

I gotta cut it short, but the next entry will be stellar!
King Mackerel that Andy caught on the night sail to Georgetown 

Dolphin fish murder

Our new cruising friends aboard "Eclipse". We caught the fish and the nice folks of Eclipse and Texas Two Step prepared a delicious feast with it!

New Georgetown friends Chris, Eddie, and Mia on christmas day at the potluck (notice my sweeeeeet charlie brown christmas tie)

Our table for the potluck christmas dinner on Stocking island. left to right: Dave & Leslie (Texas Two Step); Annie, Haven (6 year old), and Andy (???), Gary and Celeste (Sol Surfin); Andy, Michelle (Texas Two Step) and Lance

We found our new beard idol! Ed is one funny guy!

A sailor's bandaid. Duct tape survives short term salt water exposure better than a traditional bandaid.

Ted and Shannon from "Salty Dog" along with Dave and Leslie on Texas Two Step at the coffee shop with us. MARK MADE IT OUT TO SEE US!

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