Where is YOLO?

...Off to the Sea for Adventure

...Off to the Sea for Adventure

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

One month to go...

the bon voyage party is a month from today (that means my mom just turned 60 today, happy bday mom). We still have some crucial things left to do to YOLO before we set sail. Currently she's still named Blue Tomorrow, so any readers that have artistic talent to share, please let us know if you wanna help repaint her stern. Also, we still have not made any headway on the solar panel installation or wiring. The charge controller is still on its way from china. This will probably be the most difficult retrofit all around but i'm looking forward to getting it done! I just got an email saying our refrigerator was shipped today so it should arrive soon. Solar powered refrigerator = a lifetime of cold beer! Also gotta install that bad boy when it arrives too.

We've also gotta provision this baby to the gills with food, clothes (both warm, cold, and wet weather), blankets, booze, fishing gear, books, spare parts, extra sails, tools, charts, laptops, toiletries, and all kinds of other random stuff... So much to do and buy in so little time!

I hope everyone can make it to the party! Venue might change but the date will stay the same... Either it's going to be at Pikes Bay Marina (as mentioned below in an older post) OR it will be in Superior, WI (adjacent to Duluth) at the Duluth Power Squadron dock. The DPS dock is about 1:20 closer to the cities than Bayfield and it will provide a place for people to camp out right at the boat. So come prepared to camp if we get to use the DPS dock!

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