Where is YOLO?

...Off to the Sea for Adventure

...Off to the Sea for Adventure

Monday, February 14, 2011

            It was midnight on February 7th, Lance and I were at the Santo Domingo airport waiting for Chris and Amy to touch down after their air voyage from the frigid north.  At the same time we were also waiting on a friend named Sual, whom I had met on the bus ride to Santo Domingo the first time I took the trip to meet my dad.  It was Saul’s 20th birthday and via facebook he offered us a place to stay for the night sparing us the cost of a hotel room.  With a birthday cake in hand, everyone arrived at the same time and he drove us to Boca Chica where the new arrivals crashed hard on bed in the empty apartment.  They were good sports about sleeping in an unfamiliar environment and trusted us that Saul was legit while Lance and I left them alone.  We went to explore the nightlife of Boca Chica and to help Saul celebrate his birthday.  The next morning we all woke early to start our journey toward Samana.  After many bus transfers we finally arrived at the beautiful Puerto Bahia Marina with plenty of time left for pool relaxation and meeting/saying goodbye to several of our cruising friends.  Eclipse and Eventide were heading back to anchor in the national park and we wanted to join, so at 5pm the Dominican navy came and issued us a despacho without having to pay any Pesos!  Our new guests long day of travel continued and we had a glorious downwind night sail across Samana bay to a secluded anchorage next to eclipse.  After seeing the slums of Santo Domingo, the Bus ride through the Dominican countryside, the 5 star marina with infinity pools, and now the remote anchorage with a steep cliff ridden island in the national park Chris commented on how this was a day of extremes which I think was the perfect way to describe it. 

Saul on his birthday in Santo Domingo

Swimming at the marina pool in Samana

The legendary yellow trimaran, these friends also left the marina and are on their way to Puerto Rico

We were still waiting for the perfect weather that would allow for safe passage across the gap between the D.R. and Puerto Rico, which is only 170 miles but is renowned among cruisers as the most difficult slug into the tradewinds in all of the Caribbean.  This terrifying bit of ocean is ridden with strong headwinds, steep gnarly waves, and unpredictable currents and they call it the “Mona Passage.”  While waiting for the winds to calm down we had the opportunity to explore more of the park and do a hike through the jungle back to the eco-resort.  Along with Eclipse and EvenTide we cruised through a cave and all the lush vegetation whilst harvesting more bananas, grapefruit, and coconuts along the way.  The banana trees are easy to tip over and grab bushels off the tree, coconuts are another story, I had to climb 20 feet up the palm tree and twist off several of the green nuts, it was terrifying but we were all thirsty so I had to do it.  After 9 clicks we arrived at the eco-resort (Cano Hondo) and once again took advantage of their natural waterfalls and swimming pool during the midday heat.  Back at the boats that night we were invited aboard Eclipse for dessert and an induction ceremony.  Michelle had baked us a delicious cake and we officially inducted Eventide into our flotilla “The Constellation Sensation” Their new codename is “Southern Cross” and we finally had buddy boaters that cruise at the same slow pace as YOLO.

Chris's fine Photography. This was a very dark night believe it or not.  

The crew of Eventide onboard YOLO chatting about our route across the Mona

Chris's kite finally flew with a small camera attached!  Took  awesome pictures but eventually was claimed by poseidon as a giant wave swept it overboard

Eclipse and YOLO in formation with kite camera flying high

Chris and Amy finally at the helm after a long journey

This tree was much taller than the picture makes it look

Dessert and Farkle aboard Eclipse

Our last night in the national park we enjoyed a bonfire with the crew of Eventide.  Here Indiana Jones (Chris) is stoking it up.

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