Where is YOLO?

...Off to the Sea for Adventure

...Off to the Sea for Adventure

Monday, November 29, 2010


No time for writing, so much to see here.  But lot's of pictures. We made it safely across to Bimini!
 Marathon at Blackfin Marina. Sweet place.

Titls and her mom Deeksha loving life

Andy and Deeksha getting ready to head off to Miami

Grilling out in Marathon

Andy rocking out atop the mast after a successful install of the LED anchor light. We're that much more energy efficient now!

after dinner drinks...

I think I said something offensive

Andy and the inlaws in Miami for Thanksgiving dinner, Indian style.

Deeksha painted us a naked lady to decorate our vessel's salon. Nude women (actual or in art form) are supposed to bring good luck to ocean going boats. It is said that they please Posieden, the god of the sea. Conversely, a clothed woman upsets him greatly.

naked lady art.

Andy's finished product

snorkeling on the reef a few miles off Key Largo

"The Christ of the Deep". A statue in 15-25 feet of water in the John Pennecamp State Park off the coast of Key Largo.

Holy High Five

Raising the yellow Quarentine flag (or "Q Flag"). You raise this yellow flag upon first landfall in a new country indicating the need to clear customs and immigration.

The Bahama "Cortesy Flag". This flag is raised after we clear customs.

A couple of frendly strays.

"Uncle Stinky" and "Sucka Bobby" those are 3 seperate mountains of Conch shells. Allegedly Uncle stinky's life's work. 30+ years of collection.

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  1. The water looks so blue in Bimini! Glad the weather held out!