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...Off to the Sea for Adventure

...Off to the Sea for Adventure

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A real St Louis Sendoff!

Andy and I, rejuvenated with showers, a good meal, and a real roof over our head for a night in good company (Thanks again to Eric's Aunt Lynne), returned "home" Sunday morning to hang out and wait for two more guests. My old college buddy Dan Gullickson ended up coming all the way to St Louis from South Carolina, only to stand us up. However, Andy's little sister, Emily, pulled through and found time to mix in a little pleasure with her coinciding business trip to St Louis. Andy found her wandering near the Arc and she came aboard YOLO a little after 1pm. Immediately she was captivated by our new laid back lifestyle. I don't think she got over it the whole time she was here. We decided it would be fitting to do a Anheuser-Busch brewery tour while in the gateway to the west, but with a quick smartphone internet search we discovered even Budwiser doesn't work on Sundays.
Not all was lost, the Rams just beat the San Diego Chargers, so we decided to mingle with the hometown folk downtown after the game. A quick stroll wound us up in a bar so cool it didn't have a name beyond the street names it resides on the corners of. 6th and Lucas was packed with lively Rams fans celebrating one of those rare Rams victories. We were even able to catch the tail end of the Vikings game as they pulled it off against Dallas.
Little did we know this would be the exact right place to be, for we ended up meeting several new friends. Andy, Phil, Chris, Kari, Tony, (random drunk girl in a red hat) and Nick (oh, and Jessica, who I never got a chance to say goodbye to). Not after our 1st drink was ordered, Emily was already bragging to some stranger at the bar how cool she thinks we are. Introductions were made and shots were had. Even the bartender (Andy) was getting into the little social network. Turns out all these guys were bartenders i think. The ones we were bellied up with worked at another swankier bar. Nonetheless all cool enough people to invite back to the boat for a little party extension.

We all had a great time on YOLO. Kari tried pretty hard to catch a fish, but to no avail, sorry kari... and thanks for the funny new entries in the ships log by Phil, Tony, and Nick. All good stuff.

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